Existential Psychotherapy: Articles by Gideon Menda

An interview with Dr Gideon Menda – Second world congress for existential therapy – Buens Aires, Argentina 2019

An interview with Gideon Menda, speaker at the second world congress for existential therapy, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019. Spanish and English versions available. Click on the link below  read the full interview: an interview with Dr Gideon Menda – prior to the Second world congress for existential therapy – Buenos Aires- Argentina 2019 – Spanish andShow more

Teachers on Fire : Existential-Phenomenological A nalysis of Teachers’ Burnout

Existential – Phenomenological Analysis of Teachers’ burnout in Israel Introduction People often start their new careers with high hopes, idealism, expectations and great motivation. However, as soon as we feel that our work is meaningless; if we think our work makes no difference to others nor to the world; if we start to feel stressed,Show more

The Roots of Psychology, The Growth of Existential Psychotherapy and Central Purposes of Existential Psychotherapy / Gideon Menda

Introduction Soon after the Second World War and the fall of the fascist regimes, the existential psychotherapy movement started to grow all over Europe, and it is still developing. It seems, however, that the approach has not yet reached its climax. From the psychological establishment’s point of view one can see the growth of theShow more

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